How to remove paper stickers on jar

Glass Jar Usage

It is estimated that 689.94 billion glass jars, bottles, and containers were produced globally in 2020[1], which equates to approximately 57.5 billion glass containers produced per month. Which, frankly, is a lot of glass containers. Glass is 100% recyclable, making it the most sustainable of all the products that many of us are able to recycle at home. Reusing and repurposing glass jars past their initial use is a great way of recycling them, and they can be used for many different things, such as storing your zero-waste or bulk bought food products, as a basis for decorations or homemade candle holders, or as a means of giving personal and thoughtful gifts to those that you love. They are also great to decant manageable portions of dried foods from larger bags into  – for example porridge oats or pasta.

Removing Labels

However, one of the major issues with reusing glass jars is often removing the old labels and replacing them with new ones so that you know what is being kept in the repurposed jars. The paper labels that are attached to jars when they are sold in shops are typically stuck down with glue that is difficult to remove and leaves a sticky residue on the jars. There are several methods for removing paper labels and extra-strength glue residue from glass jars so that they can be easily reused, however. Each of the methods we’ve outlined below builds on the previous method to help make sure that you can remove even the most stubborn stickers.

Method 1

  1. Fill the jar with hot water, but be careful to not get water onto the paper label. This should warm up the jar.
  2. Wait for approximately 20 seconds and then try to peel the label away.

Method 2

  1. Use method 1 to remove as much label as possible. 
  2. Take some kitchen towel covered in olive oil and wipe over the sticker labels.
  3. Leave the oil to settle for a few seconds and then wash the jar again – the label should come away cleanly. Over time, the oil has been absorbed into the material of the sticker, breaking down the bonds of the glue and weakening the structure of both glue and paper labels. 

Method 3

  1. If methods 1 and 2 don’t work then submerge your jar in warm water and soak for 20 seconds. 
  2. Scrape away the sticker labels and adhesive residue with a bamboo or wooden spatula. Soak in warm water in between scrubbing. 
  3. Once all of the label and most of the glue has come away, you can then wash the jar with dish soap and rinse off any last remaining glue. 

Often warm and soapy water is enough to remove sticker labels, but sometimes soaking the label more heavily with olive oil is neccessary. 

Relabelling With Ease

To save yourself the same issue with removing the labels, we recommend using high-quality NORD TAPE plastic labels, which are durable yet easily removable and can be written on, stuck down, and peeled off without issue, and which do not leave traces of glue residue behind. As a result, you can stick and remove as many labels as you want with NORD TAPE labels, allowing you to reuse your jars repeatedly for many different things, and keep them in circulation for as long as possible. 

NORD TAPE is among the most effective sticker brands, and one of the few that are easy to stick, peel and rewrite when you need to change the purpose of the sticker or of on your jar. 

NORD TAPE produces strong labels that can get wet without issue, and most importantly can be stuck down or removed in one piece, leaving virtually no glue residue behind when they are removed. The lack of residue that NORD TAPE labels leave behind is thanks to a combination of the special sticker material that we use and the type of glue. Regardless of how you choose to repurpose your old glass jars, NORD TAPE is the perfect choice to relabel them with for their new purposes. 

Ultimately, there are many great uses for glass jars that mean you can continue reusing them again and again after the initial purchase without recycling. You can use NORD TAPE labels to help you organise your jars, whether for storage, gift giving, decoration or beyond, and keep extending their lifespans at the same time. With NORD TAPE labels, you can save a glass jar or two, and at least contribute something small to being environmentally friendly, while making sure that you extend the lifespan of your items for as long as possible in a way that is economically as well as environmentally viable. All the while, you will be supporting a brand that puts practicality and durability at the heart of its products. 



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