Where plastic stickers come in handy

Everyone loves a good sticker. As a kid, it is easy to plaster brightly coloured ones and those with quirky designs over every possible flat surface as decoration or a means of self-expression. As an adult, using stickers often becomes a much more practical exercise – using plain white or colourless stickers that can be written on as means of labelling or dividing items in storage. For this purpose we create high-quality, durable plastic stickers that can stick to any surface, can be easily stuck down, and peeled off again without leaving glue residue, and are easy to write with any pen on for straight-forward labelling. Our stickers are made with practicality in mind.

In the kitchen

There are many ways that Nord Tape’s stickers can be used in day-to-day life to make sorting and labelling your items much easier. Some of our stickers’ most effective uses are in the kitchen, where they can be used when meal prepping to label food dishes or ingredients in your food storage boxes, to make selecting the right food during the week quicker and easier. They are also great for labelling spice jars or nothing ingredients that may cause intolerances in some household members, such as dairy or gluten, or even just a level of spice flavouring in a particular dish, which may not be to everyone’s liking. 

Food packaging in freezers

Our labels are also particularly useful for labelling food packaging in freezers, as they are durable and safe to use in the cold of your freezer drawers. However, it is important that when you use the stickers on items to go in your freezer you put the sticker on the item when they are at room temperature, as if stickers are stuck to a very cold surface the glue in the sticker hardens rather than attaching the sticker to the surface of the item. Always remember to double-check the temperature of your freezer when you go to do this, as if items are placed in the freezer too quickly after sticking, the glue will harden and not hold the sticker as it should. Nord Tape stickers are best used at -18 degrees Celsius, though some freezers can go as low as -40 degrees. As well as labelling food items such as those in your freezer, stickers help note the dates and times that foods have been opened or prepared, and the number of days after defrosting that they should be eaten before going bad. 

Food containers

There are also several other uses for plastic stickers that are not just food based. Good uses include relabelling zero-waste containers to extend their lives, for example, reused items such as glass jars, containers that can be used to store household odds and ends like nuts and bolts, or craft supplies like beads. 

Belongings for children

Additionally, using durable stickers like ours at Nord Tape to label belongings for children going to school can be incredibly useful, especially as so often kids lose things or get items muddled with things belonging to a classmate, and often their belongings see much more wear and tear than others.

Ultimately, there are many ways that plastic stickers come in handy in daily life to help make your life easier, more streamlined, and more sustainable.

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